Alexandre Richelieu Beridze – FRAGMENTS

A selection of artwork by russian artist Alexandre Richelieu-Beridze, nicknamed ‘king of the abstract’ in September – following his Pontillac art gallery exhibit – is present at Art Thema Gallery from November 10th to December 10th during the exhibit Fragments.

A graduate of the Tbilissi (Georgia) Academy of Fine Arts, Alexandre Richelieu-Beridze, abstract painter, has been living in France since 2000. As soon as he arrived in Paris he made himself a reputation by working in design firms and advertising agencies for big names such as Kenzo, Sonia Rykiel and the Galeries Lafayette. In 2002 he followed Philippe Stark’s famous ‘less is more’ masterclass. Alexandre Richelieu-Beridze is an interior designer by profession, a graphic designer by training and an artist since always. Inspired by russian Avant-Gardisme and grandchild of painter Feodor Kholenkov, Alexandre Richelieu-Beridze has always been surrounded by art. He considers his work to be ‘abstract expressionism’. Colors don’t have any secrets for him as he mixes them and masters them and above all, pays tribute to them. Rigour and liberty dance together through brushstrokes and colors. Yet, the exactness of these brushstrokes never imprisons the movement and dynamic that emanates from each of his creations. Abstract, his artwork is full of life. It seems like more the depiction is abstract, easier it is for life and expression to develop within it, without ever stopping. Indeed, less is more.

The artwork that has been selected for this exhibit is very new and is a loyal illustration of the artistic period in which the artist finds himself. This is because Alexander Richelieu-Beridze evolves constantly in symbiosis with his art. He never stops painting, producing. Matter and movement, light and velocity – both in perfect harmony, are bound and fragmented infinitely. The artist’s artwork is majestic. From the smallest to the biggest. They call out, they inspire. But above all, it has an undeniable calming effect.

Art Thema Gallery is proud to present, for the first time in Belgium, the work of the ‘king of abstract’ and has a warm welcome in store for this artist and his work. We are sure that his artwork promisses to light up the belgian capital during the end of the year 2016.

Isaline Pfefferlé

ALEXANDRE RICHELIEU-BERIDZE, Fragments, from November 10th to December 10th at Art Thema Gallery.

Vernissage takes place on Thursday November 10th from 6pm to 9:30pm in the artist’s company.