Most of you already know the youngest of our resident artists, Caroline Brisset.

At the age of only 29, this sensitive and reserved young woman makes us travel in a universe that only she knows how to create.

His works tell of alchemy … They reveal the transformation that the artist operates from a raw material that has become vile that it shapes, hammer, soda and sublime until creating a work of art whose presence touches directly our heart.

She draws inspiration from her dreams and images that appear to her as keys.

From a sketch, a structure is created, an expression that it transposes directly onto matter. She assembles pieces of metal point by point, with a precision and a disconcerting patience, like a gesture of haute couture. But the mastery does not stop there because it can also transcend this metal by making it pass directly from the solid state to a gaseous state by the power of the flames that it intuitively orientates until transforming the steel into laces.

The exhibition “Comme une image” will give you all its talent expressed through its sculptures, objects of curiosity and design furniture. A dreamlike and initiatory journey that will lead you to the meeting of personalities and enigmatic and endearing characters and many other surprises …

Exhibition from Friday the 24th of March to Sunday the 23rd of April 2017.

Opening cocktail is organized Thursday the 23rd of March from 6:30 p.m.