Art Thema Gallery is very pleased to announce the “Venus” exhibition – Artist: Combo.

From Friday the 24th of March to Sunday the 23rd of April 2017.

Opening cocktail is organized Thursday the 23rd of March from 6:30 p.m.

Please confirm via email, should you want to attend the opening: communication@artthema.com

For those who do not know COMBO or Combo Culture Kidnapper yet, he is an artist from Paris.

His work consists mainly of the hijacking and manipulating of well-known views, integrating strange elements into them and thus changing their meaning completely.

His obsession: interaction. The choice of the street and the at first glance comprehensible scenes respond to a wish to offer art to everyone which can be kidnapped and modeled to one’s own sensibility.

By using pop culture symbols, Combo Culture Kidnapper touches the heart and immediately reflects the injustices of our society by giving a subversive and engaged lecture without moralizing.

The “VENUS” project is strongly inspired by his work ‘The Venus de Clichy’ that he realized during the exhibition ‘Coexist’ at the Arab World Institute in 2016.

This exhibition will spotlight a research project which the artist began after his many travels.

Views of both interiors and exteriors, between the intimacy of a woman’s chamber and the public space in which she lives. This work will focus first on the woman’s body and her nudity to show her true nature. Because of the confrontation between her profound intimacy and the public place she occupies, the artist questions our modern vision on the woman and the space we allow her in our society.