Artifacts, Asian Antiques & Fine Arts was started up in Hong Kong by 2 friends in the early 1980-ies and expanded fairly quickly into Toronto, Canada and Singapore. In Belgium Artifacts was started up in 1988 by Mia Roggeman who still runs it today. 

After living, working and travelling in the Far East for over 30 years, Mia Roggeman wanted to share her passion for Asian Art. During the first 12 years she combined being a mother of 3 and running a busy household, with a commercial space in Brussels at the Sablon, followed by working from her home by appointment only. In 2012 she opened up a new exhibition space in the city of Antwerp and has also a permanent presence at the Art Thema Gallery in Brussels.  

The field of expertise of Artifacts is early ceramics from China  from the Neolitic Period until the Ming Dynasty and Buddhist sculptures from South East Asia.  

Artifacts, Asian Antiques & Fine Arts has participated in numerous International Art & Antiques Fairs over the years and has also organized private exhibitions where Mia combines her Asian Collection with works of contemporary artists.  

Mia is a long standing board member of the Guild of Antique Dealers in Flanders and has been its president for the last 7 years. She is also a board member of UBEMA (union Belgo-Luxembourgeoise du Marché d’Art).