“Dirchelish” is a non-governmental, non-commercial and non-political youth organization that seeks to protect the rights of young people with disadvantaged background in Azerbaijan.

To date “Dirchelish”  has implemented more than 100 youth projects in Azerbaijan and cooperated with the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. Young members of this organization have taken part at the seminars and trainings held in the European Youth Centers in Strasbourg, Budapest and Reykjavik .

“Dirchelish” has also issued books, information bulletins, aired TV talk-shows, published over 200 various publications in mass media, taken a series of steps to raise awareness of the problems of disadvantaged youth through large-scale media coverage, as well as organized conferences, round-table discussions, cultural events, painting exhibitions and workshops.

Past exhibitions of “Dirchelish”  were held in following countries:

Sofia, Bulgaria on 11-18 September 2010 , 

Brussels, Belgium on 24 – 31 March 2011,

Vienna, Austria on 5-12 February 2012,

Paris, France on 23-30 March 2012, 

Rome, Italy on 29 May – 05 June 2012, 

London, UK on 17-24 March 2013,

Brussels, Belgium on 16-23 June 2013,

Milan, Italy on 22-29 November 2013

Budapest, Hungary on 13-19 May 2014,

Bern, Swiss Confederation  on 13-20 October 2014 

Waterloo, Belgium on 21 January – 20 February 2015

Prague, Czech Republic  on 4-11 May 2015

And Warsaw, Poland Republic on 20-27 May 2016.

Hundreds of paintings of Azerbaijani young and talented painters were presented during these exhibitions. The exhibitions were aimed at introducing the culture of Azerbaijan in other countries, developing intercultural dialogue by implementing cultural projects.

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