Sophie Verger is just looking for the point of equilibrium where the animal exists by itself and she uses its anatomical forms to evoke a situation. A sculpture can hide another…

Tusks of the elephant seal that imprison his female are a beautiful image of the fate of a few women. A trunk that pushes or holds a baby elephant speaks of child-parent relationships. Hippopotamus curves suggest a prehistoric Venus.

The Giraffe
to Express Feminity

In the same vein, she choses the giraffe to express femininity and tries with this animal, powerful and graceful at the same time, to tell stories of women. Women with long necks ringed rings, which represent the social pressure exerted on them but also make them dominant and triumphant. This explicitly human subject also allows me to play by moment on the register of diversion: the giraffe becomes a virgin to the child, secular representation of the sculpture, spanks a rhinoceros in tribute to Max Ernst, sports magician’s horns at the way of Goya witches.

Guess for the Bears

Finally the bear … King of animals since Prehistory, I like to give him back his place as a cousin of the man of ancient times. “The bear and the little girl” is in line with Inuit legends. My “Three Bears” are wondering about their future in the Pyrenees mountains, and thus, question the future of humans on the earth. “The bear’s nest”, meanwhile, symbolizes a human society soothed, dreamed.