Behind a few words, Jean-Pierre Baldini develops some themes, groups of sculpture following the same red thread.


A character is confronted with a “landscape” treated hyper-realistically.The atmosphere of this landscape and the attitude of the characters are at the base of the particularity of these sculptures.


Evidence has emerged: More than just an allegory, the sculptures could,
had to physically leave their own track. Thus, “The sculpted object” will become an actor. The sculpture translated in two dimensions becomes engraving. By a simple inking of its base, the reflection of its own emotional charge is fixed on paper. From the dialogue between bronze and paper are born these sculptures…

Les Petits Palabres

It is for an exhibition at the UN that the first sculptures of Les Petits Palabres have been imagined modular. Twelve characters are designed in such a way that whatever their position is they can talk to each other. It belongs to the viewer to organize his ideal scene by making meet one or other of these characters.


Throughout his research Baldini has been concerned with conciseness of forms. Better suggest than say…


Movement in an eminently static art is a real challenge for a sculptor. By tilting his subject and justifying this attitude with notions of dynamics and speed, Baldini excludes his character to fall. He keeps it in motion.

A new solo exhibition

Jean-Pierre Baldini artworks will be displayed during a solo exhibition at Art Thema Gallery.