Bruno Catalano

Bruno Catalano is a sculptor born in 1960 in Khouribga, Morocco, a town near Casablanca. Despite a difficult schooling, Catalano spend ten beautiful years in a metis and post-colonialist environnement with his family.

They moved to France in 1970. Thrilled but frightened, Catalano and his family adpated themselves very quickly to a new life.

During two years, from 1980 to 1982, Catalano joined the maritime compagny Paquet as an electrician before quiting and joining the SNCM until 1986. Meanwhile, since 1981, Catalano had started to become familiar with working clay.He studied during two years at the moudeling and drawing studio Françoise Hamel in Marseille, in the south of France. Bruno Catalano got very inspired by the work of Bruno Lucchesi whose artworks he discovered in a specialized book about clay techniques.

The artist opened his studio in 1985 and began to create his very first clay figurines at that time. He stayed there until 1990 and opened a second studio in 2000. He also took part to several collective exhibitions in local fairs.

En 2001, Bruno Catalano received a request to produce a sculpture for Marseille 5th district: a bust of Yves Montand destined to the square dedicated to the comedian singer, place Jean Jaures.
The same year, Bruno Catalano took part in several exhibitions, including SIAC Marseille and Bastille Contemporary art fair. Many local galleries also got interested in his work.

In 2004, one of his works – a representation of Cyrano – was deteriorated. The incident led the artist to dig and scoop out its trunk. His new sculptures, then turned quickly experienced immediate success.
A year later, Bruno Catalano exhibited his works in the Parisian gallery Médicis and in international galleries Bartoux. His “travelers” did not fail to touch a large audience.
Currently, Bruno Catalano and his works are internationally recognised. His works are exhibited worldwide, from China to Belgium, via Spain, the US and Switzerland.