Eric Pasture

Red, which is the colour of fire and blood, possesses the same symbolical ambivalence as these two terms depending on whether it is, visually speaking, bright or dark.
Vivid red – diurnal, solar, centrifugal – prompts us to take action. It is the symbol of ardour and beauty, impulsive and generous strength, of youth, health, wealth and also of a free and triumphant Eros.
Dark red, on the contrary, is nocturnal, female, secret and slightly centripetal. It does not represent expression but rather mystery and life.
In Japan, red (Aka) is almost exclusively worn by women. It is a symbol of sincerity and happiness; when you wish prosperity to someone, rice is dyed red.
Eric Pasture’s paintings provide us with some clues about this haunting question, which remains as open as the mystery of humanity: how to perceive the colours of the world in a universal construction?