Jean-Pierre Baldini

Born in Cannes in 1949, Jean-Pierre Baldini studies at ‘Beaux-Arts’ in Nîmes and with the Spanish sculptor Almela. He sculpts in wood before exclusively working in bronze from 1985, which becomes his material of choice. His works are exhibited for the first time in Arles in 1986 after which they attract the interest of galleries and museums all over France and from the 1990 abroad as well (USA, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Spain).

Jean-Pierre Baldini has been exhibited at prestigious locations like the château de Biron, the UNO of Geneva, the senate in Paris….He also made some monumental sculptures for the towns of Montpellier, Rognac, Arles and Franqueville St Pierre in Normandie.

His work shows a human interest put in an urban context, in a contemporary geometric time, in motion and not without a sense of sensuality. In the sculptures of Jean Pierre Baldini we can also see the play of different elements: fire, present in the process of the bronze or the representation of flames; water in the smooth and curbing figures or by the integration of waves; air in his figures’ seemingly imbalance, lightness, drawn high and finally earth with the massiveness of certain blocs and monumental sculptures. Baldini’s bronzes take on several colors like blue, red, gray, green, yellow, associated with other materials like glass, aluminum or sand and sometimes uses etching like in his last project TRACE ( in collaboration with the poet Gérard Pons and the photographer Hervé Hôte) which reflects on the traces left by all humans in time. With his multiple associations and his reflections on the human figure, Baldini likes to surprise us and seduces with the aesthetic of his sculptures.