Lou-Brice Léonard

Lou-Brice Léonard is a sculptor and a filmmaker born in 1980 in Versailles.

He studied cinema and aesthetics at the University of La Sorbonne in Paris. Since 1998 he made a few short films which won awards in 70 festivals in more than 25 countries, including « Vestiges » in 2005 and « Chaque jour est une petite vie » in 2014.

At the same time, Lou-Brice creates sculptures made of cement and glass. For a long time, he had hard and cold feelings towards these two materials, stemming from our current technocratic civilization. He decided to convert these two materials by giving them sensuality, sensibility and feminity.

His inspiration comes mainly from Antiquity. To him, ancient goddesses still haunt our collective unconsciousness, and when they incarnate themselves, this should be in what is symbolic of our civilization: cement and glass. In working with these materials, Lou-Brice Léonard discovered that it is possible to recover their original minerality: glass returns to quartz crystal and cement to limestone through his personal touch. This young artist promises to have a long and prosperous career.