Lieven d'Haese

Born in Moanda (Congo) in 1957.

He stems from a family of sculptors (among them Reinhoud/ Cobra and Roel d’Haese) and musicians.

He followed courses in painting and graphics at the Saint-Luke Institute in Brussels and Ghent, and at the Art School in Aalst. In Roland Monteyne’s studio he mastered an old childhood dream: casting sculptures in bronze. Nevertheless, his art works still give away the original graphic artist. The outlines of his statues achieve the right balance between light and dark, between mass and space. Even within this mass, in the tiny details of the heads, the anatomy and the draping of the wide clothes, the graphic clair-obscur stands out. The artist personally feels responsible for the completion of his sculptures. He isn’t fond of ‘production after original design’, but designs and creates at the same time. He provides the caster with a finished life-size wax model that is immediately cast in bronze. This cast is then finished by the artist himself. As a result all his sculptures are unique as they have all been completed in a different way, in the artist’s personal way.

They have been made with great craftsmanship. The figures sometimes resemble lost characters from forgotten stories and possess something tragic, fierce or defying.

However, their mystery lingers… Lieven d’Haese exhibited his sculptures home and abroad e.g. in Brussels, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, Strasbourg, Luxembourg and London.