His artist’s name comes from the join of his two first names “Michal”.
During traveling graduation in Stockholm and Oslo , he discovered the sculptures of Miller and Vigeland . The works of these two masters marked him forever.
Artist life was a concerned for him and he managed a geometer business through which he traveled around the world, its peoples and cultures.
Practicing amateur photography, he discovered little by little the sense of harmony leading to beauty. The artist came to surface and “Michal” was born.
Gradually his desire to create turns into passion opened a second life to him.
He creates realistic projects, but all contain a thought, an emotion, and a hidden meaning he try to transmit . He explores the symbolic way to allow imagination.

Prizes and realisations

  • Exposition Internationale d’Art LIBR’ART LIBRAMONT
  • Prix du Meilleur ARTISAN
  • Concours ARTISANART à Tour et Taxis BRUXELLES
  • Artisan d’Art de Wallonie
  • Label de Qualité de la Province OMAPBW BRABANT WALLON