Philippe Brodzki

Philippe Brodzki educated himself at sculpture, ceramic and drawing in Brussels, Cracovie and Düsseldorf where he was welcomed in the seventies by Marcel Broodhaers and where he learned at the academy with Jospeh Beuys.
At firsts sight, Brodzki’s sculptures seem to present an anachronistic beauty. In the end, they tend to be more provocative than old-fashioned. Detached from actual codes and tendancies, Brdozki’s sculptures symbolize the creative act as an act of liberty. Delicately sculpted, polished and patined from the master’s hand and wearing some strange hats that encourage and reinforce the deviant aim of the artist, these realists but unreal characters tend to recall us some mythics figures.
The artist situes his works beyond technique, because it is not a right representation but an association of elements that question us.
The artwork isn’t matching estheticaly in its representation of a classic beauty. Brodzki emphasizes that importance.
Moulding encourages to the multiplication of print run and the different mixing make them becoming unique pieces. : even if the busts are the same, they differ by the colors, the texture of enamel and by the finery and each customized piece finds its own personnal identity and inspires the next one.