René Julien

What has always struck us in the plastic work of René Julien, both in his drawings and paintings in his sculptures, is the elegance of his characters, the exceptional grace of the body and its movements, the ethereal look of their silhouette, light weight and way of being affected by light. He clearly loves women and children. He diligently in approach with reverence sublime. The strength and beauty unite and harmonize like the elegance and presence, sensuality and purity of formal language, senses and refinement. René Julien was born in Hollogne-sur-Pierres in 1937 and studied at the Academy of Liege from 1951 to 1957. Soon after, he moved to Brussels, where he distinguished himself by creating stained glass, frescos and decorative panels. Since 1983, he went to live in the Vaucluse to practice there in the first place a surprisingly endearing sculpture. A sculpture that has transformed the achievements of the past, a personal aesthetic and the current release a brilliant set in a style that readily acknowledges and still another, familiar and surprising at the same time. Like his paintings unite bravery fragility and virtuosity an aerial spirituality, sculptures René Julien flatter the eye of the casual or attentive spectator and refer simultaneously to the great tradition and a very personal way to identify the feelings and emotions, brightness and mind. It is surprising that an artist can paint as well as a model so impressive and personal way and demonstrate the same time a huge enthusiasm that is the source of rhythm. The rhythm animates his work in various ways in the sign language of girls and young women who reveal their identity and emotion of the moment thanks to their attitude and tension of their bodies. It is also revealed in its theme and the extent of his creativity. René Julien reminds us of the Renaissance artist in the sense that it expresses universally her need for creativity and beauty and that whatever may be his various creations, they still represent the basic features of its identity. This is true for objects than for a purely visual language and a tangible expression that evokes a single bound form and substance. His characters express a discreet but nonetheless real emotion, a concrete attitude, a simple presence that by the grace and the evidence of their occurrence strike, fascinate, disturb and intrigue. You never get the impression of being faced with something complex when looking at a sculpture of René Julien. The sculpture speaks for itself, it seems at first, until we found that many of the elements and attributes illustrate this evidence, the complement, the sublime and create an idyllic atmosphere. The body is a drawn bow; hands and fingers are signs of cosmetic rest and tender and touching off. The formal elegance of the characters – young girls whose bodies as well as the spirit soar, young women embody beauty in all its forms, couples dancing the ballet of an ethereal love – comes the noble sentiments expressed and a high sensuality. Figures René Julien dancing, freed from the laws of gravity. Yet they remain human beings with slender fingers fumble with elegant feet touching the ground as if they were about to rise. They have lips that speak and a body bearing traces of ethereal existence. They embody the tangible presence of the left in a long movement gloom of earthly existence. His figures are a dream you can touch. Love is a pace exceeding the reality and we find obvious, when we want to live a moment the artist’s world. Some tend to detect any commitment to a work with such radiation and propagation. This is not impossible, but we are convinced that thousands of loafers who watch the 18 sculptures by René Julien on Digue de Mer Knokke and works of a smaller size at the 32nd Art Nocturne Knocke and may be especially even exclusively struck by the grace of the characters, by the testimony of subtle beauty and eloquence. So everyone will feel better in his way, another, fed by what is dream and reality at the same time, reference to the tradition and history of art, revealing a large plastic talent, business model and inspiration, aesthetics and noble sentiments.