RM Lease offers you to rent and acquire artworks at very attractive terms.

RM Lease’s aim is to find the optimal solution for you as well as your company in looking for tax savings. A leasing with a call option above 15% of the total value of the goods enables you, from a fiscal point of view, to count as overheads your rental and to take back your VAT. Regardless of the amount invested from 8 000 euros and for a maximum 5 years duration of repayment, you will benefit from a very profitable rate.

In order to serve you even more, we can assist you with your decorator to place the artworks you choose in your company. We can also provide you the transport.

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Finance and rent (with or without call option) artworks, antiquities, rare items for liberal professions, independents and companies.


For the amount of a monthly or trimestral rental, RM Lease allows you to access to the artistic environment you like, to express your sensitivity, to accentuate the culture of your company through art, and to develop an innovative way of communication.


The contract duration can vary from 12 months to 60 months depending on the amount invested


Budgeting rent automatically deducted, depending on your will


An omnium assurance of the artworks or items can be included in the amount of the rent


Total deductibility of the rental and of the VAT in the laying out and the decoration of professional spaces


RM Lease can also assist you in order to acquire artworks selected with art professionals (galleries, artists, auctioneers, brokers, etc…)